Thursday, 21 October 2021

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Obligation Rules - Courses

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1.       Course is conducted for 5 days in Pondok Cina Campus, depok with certain rules below :

a.            The course started at 09.00 WIB and ended at 17.00 WIB (Lunch break is at 12.00 – 13.00 WIB)

b.           The courses take places :                

Course’s Names

·  IBM AS/400 Computer Operation & Programming in     RGP400 Batch

Campus D 4th Bldg 2nd Fl

·  ICL-Informix

Campus D 2nd Bldg 3rd Fl

·  Web Programming Using PHP and MySQL

Campus D 3rd Bldg 2nd Fl
·  Building Network Using Netware 4 Campus D 1st Bldg 2nd Fl
·  Building Web Server Using Linux Campus D 1st Bldg 2nd Fl
·  Lotus Notes: Introduction to Application Development Campus D 4th Bldg 3rd Fl
·  Multimedia Campus E 4th Bldg 2nd Fl
·  Computer Production and Assembling Campus E 4th Bldg 1st Fl
·  DB2 Universal Database Campus D 4th Bldg 3rd Fl
·  Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL Campus D 4th Bldg 3rd Fl

      2.       The registration receipt for the course and also recent Student ID card or KRS should be carried along

3.       Before the course begun, the participant should have been there at least 15 minutes before. If the participant was late for more than 30 minutes, the participant is not allowed to follow course on that day. Unless the participant is permitted by the coordinator.

4.       While the course is running, the participants are obligated to :

a.            Keep the class room situation ordered and comfort by not :

§   Smoking or eating/drinking or messing the room 

§   Walking back and forth for nothing

§   Acting or speaking something that has nothing to do with followed course

§   Leaving the class room/course without having any permission from course assistant/coordinator.

b.           Dress neatly and mannerly:

§   For men: Shirt with cotton trouser (T-shirt in any forms/fabrics and also jeans are forbidden).

§   For women: Blouse with cotton skirt (T-shirt in any forms/fabrics and also jeans are forbidden).

§   Wear shoes

c.            Treat course’s tools orderly and carefully. The participant will take a responsibility for any damage and loss.

d.           Look after each of personal belongings. Lepkom Gunadarma will take no responsibility for any damage and loss.

5.       For the participant who is not able to follow the selected course, is obligated to report to the course secretariat office at least 3 days before the course started. (Sunday is not counted).

Fine: if the participant reported after the deadline, there will be a fine for a 25.000 rupiahs per taken course.

6.       For the participant, who is not announced to be graduate, is obligated to pay for a fine and to retake the final test on the last day of the course. There is an exceptional for the participant who never absent for 5 consecutive days. They may retake the final test directly without paying any fine after firstly consult to the course secretariat office

7.       If the participant retook the final test more than 6 months after the first final test, the participant must take a preview course with the same material by paying the same fee as the same taken course fee.

8.       Certificate will be issued and available right 1 month since the last date of followed course. It can be earned by showing the course registration receipt.

Lepkom Gunadarma will not take any responsibility for the lost/damage of the certificate if the participant asked for the certificate right six months after the certificate published.

9.       Course registration/payment receipt will only be counted on for 6 months since the date of payment issued.


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